Fu*king Hackers!

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In mid-September ALL of my bank accounts were hacked, including those for my minor son. Savings, checking, debit card were all hacked and they took $3,000.

Month and a half later I am STILL waiting for the bank’s fraud department to get it all figured out AND the same fucking hackers tried to get me again on Monday.

These “guys” are good. The bank can’t even figure out if they hacked my debit card first or went straight to my actual accounts. They called me using an actual number the bank uses so there was no way for me to know it wasn’t a call from the actual bank. They then sent me texts to confirm by sending me a code. So this all seemed like my bank. This is phishing.

6 sure signs someone is phishing you—besides email - Malwarebytes Labs |  Malwarebytes Labs

Now the bank thinks they probably hacked into my gmail account, so that’s how they knew the last 4 digits of my checking account and the exact amount of a recurring payment that I get from Social Security Disability each month on the same day. I have my bank accounts set to send me an email for any deposits, use of my account, transfers, etc. So they probably read those emails.

Can 'Hacking Back' Be An Effective Cyber Answer?

For how long? How long ago did they start watching me? They must have hacked my passwords, too. I really feel violated. I have no idea IF they got my social security number or not. Identity theft really sucks.

In the last month and a half I’ve had to change my username and passwords for any online sites, accounts, etc where I ever used any banking 3 times! I am really very tired of coming up with passwords. Getting inventive, though.

How To Hack A Bank Account - INVESTMENT GRAFFITI

It must be a nice career using all your time illegally taking money from others. Being low-income, why would they take MY money?! It was all I had. Yes, $3,000 was all my money. Why don’t they take money from those who can afford it? Ya, I know, that’s harsh, but I’m on disability because I have chronic pain and medical issues. All this stress had made my pain worse.

I don’t think hackers care about the people they hack at all. They have no humanity.

Go out and get a real f’ing job, assholes. Or go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect anyone else’s $200.

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