Karen Kimbrough is a young at heart single mom living in the desperately cold yet beautifully wild North Central Minnesota town of Bemidji, MN. I kid you not, on many winter days you can find us as THE coldest spot in the nation. A perfect place for hunkering down and doing some deep thinking and writing it down. Hence, this website is for her musings.

Being the mom of a teen son with medical disabilities and herself having medical disabilities, much of her writing is about what it is like to live with disabilities and/or living below the poverty level due to said disabilities. However, having a penchant to have her ire easily addled by any injustice you will also find literary posts, blogs, and pages about feminism, racial injustice, politics, environmentalism and the planet, religion and spirituality, animal rights, food, or much more.

Living in the middle of 3 area Native American Reservations, indigenous culture and the misappropriation of their culture, the racial tension, and the positive actions within the local communities often catch Karen’s attention. Also, close to her heart are LGBTQ+ issues, since three of her relatives are facing those issues every day. Mostly though, you’ll find her ranting about parenting woes, ineffectual medical, insurance, and government systems, the plight of the poor, or really just any kind of injustice.

She’s a fighter. If you want to find her, if it’s a nice day, look outside for a lady on her stoop, or at the lake, or drinking coffee outside on a chair with the computer on her lap. If it’s not so nice out and her pain levels are up, she’s in the house with all 5 cats. If there is any local protest going on; you’d better look there first. She’ll be out there fighting for YOUR rights.

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