The “System” is built to Piss you off

Which System? Any. All? I am, however, talking about the Social Welfare System.


I picked up my forms to fill out to apply for Food Stamps and/or Emergency Assistance only about 3 weeks ago. Along with those forms was a kit of sorts explaining everything you need to bring back, make copies of, your rights and responsibilities and right to privacy (ha, that’s a joke considering the information they are asking for,) and explanation of how to fill out said forms. There is also a page of what days and times are available for interviews for this application, saying you may even qualify for a phone interview. There is information about what you may be eligible for and how to qualify.

These pre-informative forms lie. For example, the SNAP Program info. blurp says it is for MNsotans with low income to buy food, and to qualify you need only to either be single or in a family with or without children and be low income. However, when you are actually filling out the forms you begin to realize that it is tied to whether or not you can work. So, if you are disabled and are receiving Social Security Disability payments you probably will not be able to collect from the SNAP program. Because we all know it is so easy to own a home, pay bills, and cook food for yourself and a child on $844 from Social Security each month.

Yes, apparently you are supposed to be able to live off $844 a month without any other assistance. You do NOT qualify for Emergency Assistance if your car needs repairs. You do NOT qualify for a county driver to a doctor appointment in the Twin Cities to save money OR because it would cause you medical hardship or pain BECAUSE you own a car. You do NOT qualify for Emergency Assistance UNLESS OR UNTIL you are receiving shut off  notices or your large appliances for utilities are not working. NO you can not receive any help with laundry because your machine is broken – you’re supposed to use a laundromat weather you can afford it or not or you can do them by hand (apparently having arthritis isn’t supposed to matter.)

How else do they piss you off? They keep changing the days and times for when you can call or see anyone you need to see IF you qualify to see anyone. I get there to hand in my forms and am then told I need to come another day as they’ve changed their schedule, BUT not this week, because they won’t be open Thursday or Friday.

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