Does it do any good?

Stood at another protest today. Protesting Wall Street and how money seems to be running the country instead of people. Protesting how money runs health programs and who gets medical treatment and how, when, and where and IF you can get medical insurance or not. Protesting how corporations are running politics instead of politicians doing what the people who voted for them wanted them to do. Protesting how even money runs churches and religion instead of how your spirituality is supposed to be within you and from you. Protesting how the wealthy few % of this country are running the country while the rest can’t afford health care, education, or even food.

As I stood there though, I did too much thinking. Isn’t that an oxymoron of some sort? Is it possible to do too much thinking? While standing next to a man with a protest sign that reads: Think.

And I did a lot of listening. I listened to the wizened voices of those around me who have been to protests before, years and years of protests. The new-age college-comers who want to be heard and have the enthusiasm of the young, and the hardened hippies that have been fighting the freedom call from money’s persecution adding lines around their eyes. Anger, lots of anger, but many ideas too. Lessons to be remembered from history that our current politicians and bankers seem to have forgotten.

Is it, are we, really headed toward some sort of national rebellion or uprising on the levels of the Russian or French Revolutions? Is that what it’s really going to take for our leaders to sit up and listen? Will the bankers and corporations ever back down? Power is the root of evil they say, and money is power. They won’t give it up willingly. Wall Street is paved with power and  money. Wall Street runs this country, not the White House or Congress. Anyone who thinks it’s only Republicans who enjoy that power is an idiot. A politician is a politician. Sorry to my Dem. friends, but it takes money to back your bills. At least how things are currently being run.

Honestly, are any of YOU politicians and wealthy folks willing to give up your SUVs and 2 car garage homes? Don’t you know you really should be paying the same for health care and insurance that the rest of us do? Just because you are/were once a politician that does NOT give you the right to vote yourself the right to better or free ins. for life. You should NOT get to pay any less taxes either or have better schools just because you have money. But I know you won’t listen to me, cuz I’m not one of you. I haven’t been corrupted by that greed.

Standing on that corner today I saw the want of greed. Beltrami county is supposed to be one of the poorest counties in MN, but you can’t tell by looking at our cars. There are an awful lot of nice cars driving by. The “Joneses” must be debt deep in loans and credit to pay for all those nice cars, trucks, and SUVs going by, but we all “look” like we’re living pretty well if you go by what we’re driving. An awful lot of those folks were honking in solidarity with us, but they weren’t coming to the sidewalk to stand with us.

I don’t go out there to stand with friends like some club or social time. It’s not a time for me to say “oh hey look at me doing my thing!” I really believe in what I’m out there for and don’t want to be taken for some martyr standing in the cold wind. I just really wonder if it does any good at all. Does anyone see us out there and think about why we’re there? Do the bankers or politicians give a shit or are they laughing? I think one person can make a difference, then I think oh hell this is just Bemidji.

That’s not all I do though. I sign petitions. I make phone calls. I send emails. I write letters. I speak in person to politicians. Not just local and state political stuff, but federal, the White House and the President. I belong to many websites. I’m sure I’m on FBI watch lists. I don’t just talk, I walk my walk. I advocate. I DO. I AM. I don’t just have a liberal reputation. I have a character and morals that I live by.

I guess all that matters is how and what you do in the End.

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